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Hey! I made a buzzfeed quiz to determine whether you are most like Rhett or Link! Comment below to let us know who you are most like. Take the quiz here!

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I got Link! yey! :P

i got link and that wink totally hypnotized me.felt good

I'm surprised; I got Rhett! Love 'em both so was happy either way xP

I got Rhett! :)

Just from listening to their discussions about personalities and personal experiences, I know that I am a lot like Rhett. The quiz answered Rhett as well. :)

Aww haha, I'm more like Link apparently! :)

I got Link! A thoughtful sensitive type

I'm a happy-go-lucky Rhett!!! Always wanted to be more like him

I got Link. :)

Haha I got Link! I thought I would've gotten Rhett actually so that's interesting


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