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Hey! I made a buzzfeed quiz to determine whether you are most like Rhett or Link! Comment below to let us know who you are most like. Take the quiz here!

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I got Rhett! Not too surprising there. Great quiz! 

I'm new to RhettandLinkoummity.com and I just took the quiz I got Rhett!

i got a gif of link wink'n at me.

You got: Link

You got Link! You are a thoughtful, sensitive type. You are adventuresome, although you are careful about what you do. Good luck on your yo-yo tricks!

I got Rhett, no suprise here

I got Rhett!

Link, as expected. :)

Figured I would get Link :) I notice similarities in our personalities quite a bit watching GMM!

I got Rhett! Although I feel like I am more like Link in RL.

I of course got Link. I did other quizzes similar to this and got Link.

I got Link ☺️

You got: Rhett

You got Rhett! You are a happy-go-lucky, adventuresome person. You will try anything once, and usually you will enjoy it. Maybe one day you’ll live on your island paradise! :3


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