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Hey! I made a buzzfeed quiz to determine whether you are most like Rhett or Link! Comment below to let us know who you are most like. Take the quiz here!

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Hey, just a heads up. Your link doesn't work with the http at the front. I got to your quiz by typing the following url:


I'll post my result in a few minutes.

I got Link!

I'm LINK! I was actually surprised by this! But that's awesome! 

Left to my own judgement, I share alot of similarities with Link, I even worked at IBM for awhile. In general demeanor and life. .. approach????? though, I agree with the results of your quiz, definately, Rhett. Thanx for the fun Jane.

This is AWESOME!!!! Ive been kind of upset that there haven't really been that much on buzzfeed that has to do with them besides sharing their videos

Can someone help me make a GMM buzzfeed quiz?  I'm following the instructions but when i start a draft i can't do anything at all.

I got Rhett!  This reminded me of an old roommate I had.  She and I would watch GMM together, and we both agreed she was the female version of Rhett.  The similarities were uncanny!

I got Link :D

I got Link! 

I got Rhett! :D

I Got Link!!! You got Link! You are a thoughtful, sensitive type. You are adventuresome, although you are careful about what you do. Good luck on your yo-yo tricks! That Really Made Me Happy!!!

I got Link! I was kind of surprised though. It was really fun and I shared it to FB. I really thought I was heading towards Rhett with my answers though. Great idea!

I got Rhett.

Definitely accurate, too!

Actually, I've thought for a while that my closest friend is remarkably like a female Link, while I've always had a lot more in common with Rhett.  It may even be part of what first drew me to GMM: their friendship feels amazingly familiar!  Only...  Funnier  :P


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