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Anyone know what episode was it the one where Link wore like weird, kinky body jewelry?

I remember there was an episode where Link got sent some strange piece of... jewelry like thing chains that would go all around the naked torso, with maybe bones or teeth or little skulls? And the whole time I couldn't stop thinking it looked like something to be worn in kinky situations. I think they started GMMore after that episode with link actually wearing it on himself, unbuttoning his shirt and showing he now had it on under his clothes. Then got up and uh, danced a little or something. 

I remember it rly clearly and wanna show my friend that it did exist but spent nearly an hour searching and couldn't find the vid.

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I remember the episode well :p

Here you go, friend

GMMore: First Facebook Photo Challenge

You're a genius, thank you so much!!!!!

All this time I gave up thinking they had deleted it!

Haven’t seen that video, but based on the description OP gave I’m watching it!

Thank you, I've been looking for this video for over a year.


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