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Ya know, I've declared my mythical beast to be the grue... but when I went to change my title, I realized that I was already labeled "Brian Layman the eHermit"

It just seems strange to change it to "Brian Layman the grue"

So, I've got to wonder if an eHermit is already a somewhat mythical beast... when you think about it it kind of fits...


Brian Layman

"You have entered the cave of the eHermit. You are likely to be eaten by a grue"

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I think an eHermit is a plausible mythical beast.
Yes Brian! We are of the E ilk! I am Lynn (The E-Ministrator) and you and Denise are also of the E!

I'm working on my beast design. So far, the E-Ministrator is bear-like (ursine), has small (but effective) wings, 8 arms (always busy doing something), wears glasses perched half-way down her nose, and is just stunningly gorgeous!

How close do you think you and the E-Hermitess come to that?


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