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Will we Canadians be able to watch you new show on IFC somehow?? I'd really Luke to see it. If there is a channel what channel is running it. If not where on the web can we watch it??

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Might be check aboot (snicker), the IFC might have "last night's episode" up the next day until the next one shows up.

If you search the IFC website, it's hard to determine where / how to watch in Canada - - - although there is a Wikipedia page for IFC Canada that appears to list some affiliate stations on CBC that carry programing. 



Then I found the site for IFC CANDADA - - http://www.ifctv.ca/ - - but not sure if it will carry the show


Also according to R&L's video announcement all episodes will be available on iTunes and Amazon the day after airing . . . watch the video, read more and discuss it here on the Kommunity:


We're not sure about how this is going to be handled, and have no control over it.  However, if enough Canadians demand to see the show, I bet they'd figure out a way to get it to you.


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