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How is everyone coming along so far?

What is your type of submission, photo/song/video?

Have you already entered?

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I'm working on a video with an original song and lyrics. SUPER TOUGH!!!! The song is about 20% finished then I need to shoot the video and edit it. Pheeewwww, a lot ahead of me!
Sweet a Collab. :) are you gonna do a video?
I don't know about free editing software. PC's come with windows movie editor and MAC's come with iMovie. So unless ur running lynix you should already have some software to edit. Your movie formats shouldn't change according to camera, so Panasonic camcorders should be compatible for transferring and editing on ur computer :) G'luck!!
You can always download a trial version of something and use that free for 30 days....
I need to record a cover song, then I'll start on a video idea in a few days.
oh man! Which cover song are you doing? Are you doing it in GarageBand?
Oh AWESOME... I'll have to go check it out :)
I have already entered and my entry is a computer generated photo of the 1980s movie Labyrinth.
I just saw it!! totally radical!!! Labyrinth is my favorite movie of all time! Have you seen that really cool short series by Jim Henson called "The Storyteller"??
sweet... this looking forward to it :)
I got ideas written down, me and my sister are planning to make atleast 2 entries for both video and picture. Currently we are trying to gather props. We should have a photo up soon though!
oh sweet! We're allowed to enter more then one thing???
Can't wait to see it!!! :)


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