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I'm almost positive we can all remember the  5 Word Song Titles. It gave us a chance to really have a say in some of the content that goes on the channel we all come to know and love. I made an attempt to restart the phenomenon and i wasn't disappointed. A few Mythical Beasts and I (i don't know if they wish to be named or not) have strategically come up with the title, "Belly Button Lint Collectors Anonymous" based on the information we had on our idols,  and everyone on YouTube responded pretty positively including 2 top comments on their videos, and at least 15 likes on every other comment we posted. I really would like for this to be a song and i have some pretty.....special....images in my head already :D so if you could give this channel:


the credit for the idea and use this:

Belly Button Lint Collectors Anonymous

as the 5 word song title, thank you, and keep being majestic, beautiful, mythical beasts!!! :D :D :D :D

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