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It's 10:59 am. I urgently stare at the clock on my laptop, it seems to taunt me as my finger eagerly hovers over the F5 key. I wait patiently but time seems to slow. Each microsecond feels like an eternity. But then it happens several alarms scream it's 11am it's 11am. They act like I don't already know.

In a panicked state, I repeatedly smash the f5 key to see if it's there. To my disappointment it's not as I descend into a pessimistic melancholy.

I take   a second to calm down. Slowly I move my cursor to the never ending circle and to my amazed eyes it's there.


I was grinning like  Cheshire Cat as I saw Link introduce a peculiar "Will It" episode. As I heard the familiar theme tune that I grew to love. I gazed at the viewer count and saw I was in the 301+ club. A prestigious title that I began to flaunt in the comments.

That's my story, has anyone else been in the 301+ Club???

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