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Well, it depends...
Maybe it is...
My uncle tells a "true story" of way back in the '50's when he was a student in college (Geaux Tigers!!!). He had a psychology professor who liked to do odd things, such as climb in through the window or wait until 15 minutes after class was scheduled to start and then step out of the closet, just to see what kind of reaction it would get from the students.

After countless hours of lectures and reading two complete text books, the day came when the prof passed out the final exam, said there was only 1-1/2 hours to complete it and left the class. Five pages of blank college ruled paper with the single word "WHY?" printed at the top of page one. Most of the students took the full alloted time and even used extra sheets to complete their essay answer. Nobody got less than a "C" grade, so long as their answer was based on information learned during the semester. One student earned an "A+" grade of 100 with his answer:

"Why not?"

True story!
I don't know but it's all Obama's fault!
to be or not to be?
Why not?...
Well if the zombie-eating unicorn says so then yes. why.


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