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The IKC Challenge is proposed based on a recent spontaneous Kommunity Chat occurence, which gave rise to the idea :

8 MBs * / 6 Countries ~ preserving the moment in digital imagery
 * plus Izzy who fell asleep with the computer on again


The challenge is simple:




Whenever Rhett and Link started this Kommunity, they said that it was never intended to be just another fansite. They wanted all who joined to become active members, be their "mythical best" and hoped that interaction among the members would foster a creative spirit worthy of a goup called the Mythical Beasts (or MB's in Komm slang). That's where the term KBE (Kommunity Building Exercise) came into existence.  Don't just watch from the sidelines, be a part of the team!

In the coming weeks, we will attempt to get MB's from the R&L Kommunity living in at least 20 countries around the globe involved in an online chat.  Would you like to be part of history in the spirit of the MB Commandos who were part of  FRIDAY NIGHT FRENZY?  If so, use this forum as your opportunity to sign up for the event of the year. 


International team captains are being assigned to assist in coordination of the event.  As soon as possible, we hope to have a firm date and time. Pop into Kommunity Chat and voice your opinion on when / how to best proceed. And stay tuned to this KBE for upcoming details.


Use this handy dandy Time Zone converter / event planner to see what time the IKC Challenge will occur in your part of the world.  Use Friday, Jan.28 as the event date, GMT in location #1 and your city/country/zone in location #2: 



Here is an example for a proposed 10PM (GMT) start (click image to enlarge)


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that's how good i'm doing
Oh no. :< I don't think I'll be able to make it. I might be able to but I'm not for sure. I'm pretty sure I won't be. Oh dear. I think I mentioned this in chat before.
I think I might be able to make it =)
id like to be part of this :) since there's no one else from mexico! tell me when and where >:)
I would like to join but I don´t how that time zone converter works... could someone help me?
saturdays normally i'm not at home... expecially in the evening, you know... at 9pm i go out with friends, eating something and so on... T_T if it is from mondays to fridays i can surely partecipate :)
Hey, we're honored that we'd be asked to coordinate Japan, but, 5am is a bit too early for us!  We'd be falling asleep in church and, we'd rather not fall out a window, thank you.  ;)
Nice I think I can make it!
I'm in!
I live in Northeast Colorado, and i don't know when its going to be, i would love to be a part of this, so does anyone know at what time it will be here?
I will not be able to join if it is 10pm :(

Hey Marcos,

The time for North Colorado is:


Saturday 29th January 2011

19:00:00 (4:00 pm)

 Hope that helps :)


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