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Here is the original thread for instructions:

101 Uses for a Dead Chia Lincoln

Same game, new list . . . just more space to give all

you creative types a place to post more silliness.



NOTE: This time around it's a "create-it-yourself" KBE. 

I don't plan on illustrating all of your suggestions.

It's all up to you!


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Birthday Chia!

Chia Eraser!

The countdown has begun!  2 down and 999 to go.

you just can't get enough of those things are you?

Chia App!

Chia Charger!

Chia Foosball Player!

More on the way!

The Chia Show on The Chia Network! (Would that count as two?)


My favorite show is "Leave It to Chia Lincoln"

OMG xD This made me laugh so much!

I'm sure others are way better at this than me . . . first attempt ever at making an animated GIF . . . hope it works at least a little.


I would say it works a lot!

That's really good! I'll be back to photoshopping on Monday! (Hopefully)

Chia Lincoln in the Box


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