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I think there are a couple of these all over the Kommunity, but I wan to make my own. :) so, come on people! Post the weirdest dream you've ever had! (*note* please keep it appropriate, and don't embarrass yourself!)
I won't go too much into detail, because this isn't the longest most detailed dream I've ever had, but definitely the weirdest. In a nutshell, over the course of the dream, I had to escape a dog, a cat, and two mice chasing each other, and do a front flip off of a diving board, yell out "Missy franklin!" and give link a sidehug. Be
More detailed than me, I only wasn't because it would take a long time to type out the WHOLE dream.

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i had a dream that i was working for R&L. They were filming this music video that involved a dragon. They accidently made the dragon mad, and it threw us all down this mountain of scrap metal. when it finally ended, we all just kind of layed there. then Link started saying,"Hold on, I'm just coming to. Evidently I've hurt my left hip". At this point, Rhett was laughing like a mad man while singing the Perfect Bathroom Trip Plan song. I was crying.  Then the dream cut to us leaving the hospital. Rhett was telling me all about his broken back, while Link kept wanting me to sing a song with him. He kept telling me it was a Lionel Richie song, but i didn't recognize it. I finally snapped at Link and told him to stop,he ran off, like a scolded child. Rhett gave me a mean look, and walked away. More happened, but i honestly don't remember. To be honest, this isn't even that weird for a dream of mine. haha, the things that being a mythical beast will do to you...

That sounds like a strange dream. Speaking of which, I had a dream two nights ago that I was at a mythical meet up party in this cafeteria like thing, where there were round tables with chairs you could sit at. I was with my friend sam, and Rhett and Link out of the blue chose to sit at our table. Then, a school guidance counselor showed up, because he wanted to meet rhett (he was in my dream because he looks EXACTLY like Jullian smith, so sam and I just call him jullian. yes, this is a real person) BEST. DREAM. EVER.

Wow, I have to narrow it down to just one? :)

Well I'd have to say it was the dream, where I dreamed I was inside this tunnel, and it was snowing, but i came out and was in what was a cross between soviet russia & mario bros. It looked like Russia, with mustached men standing guard, but there were these plants that tried to eat me (hence the mario bros.)

Yet another glimpse into the dark abyss that is my mind. :)

But good discussion :)

I had a dream that I was a pony in ponyville.  I knew everypony and they knew me.  I cheated on Twilight Sparkle for Rainbow Dash ...  Yeah.  I think that is the weirdest dream that I have had yet.

I can't say I have ever had that dream considering I'm female, but good to know. :)

I only remember 1 dream from my entire life. It was sufficiently weird enough to make me glad I haven't dreamed since then.

I'm in a field that is entirely covered in flowers, from horizon to horizon. Running through the middle is a thin, endless brick wall, which also has flowers growing on it. I'm standing on this wall. The sun in setting. Instead of falling behind the horizon like a setting sun normally would do, the sun lands on the field of flowers and explodes. Everything is incinerated in a flash of light, except me, who is left standing on a brick wall surrounded by ashes.

The end.

Sounds pretty scary. I haven't had too many nightmares, but when I do, they're really pathetic. Like I had a nightmare that I slammed Rhett and Link's fingers in my locker door on accident, and they got really mad :)

i was a czar, and i was taking my daughters to an ancient ruin site, when we were ther, we got trapped, and we had to eat grass and sing a song to get out. it took us two days to do it, and when i got out i learned that my sons had been killed, and that i was now no longer the czar

Hey guys I just wanted to let you all know that I just started a new group called Dreamers, and I'm hoping we can all use it to build one big Kommunity dream journal! So please go join if you're interested, and we can have some fun discussions about all kinds of dreams! And tell your friends!

So I have nightmares about two things, zombies and velociraptors. one time I happened to have a dream that I was in the minecraft world, being chased by the pigs. Only these pigs were zombie butterfly pigs.

Well I was being chased by a hedgehog, (it could talk), ran into some mythical beasts, got into a fight with a porcupine, (I was not victorious; I'll leave it at that), and then as I was walking/crawling home I ran into Rhett and Link who were rapping the Epic Rap Battle Nerd VS Geek and I joined them.

Great dream! Water in dreams is a symbol for life and relationships. Doing a front flip into a pool is like being able to be really creative and flexible in your approach to relationships. Kinda like giving someone a side-hug instead of a common front one. A dog, cat, and two mice are all animals which people have as pets. They are generally good companions but every animal has its negative. So in the dream since you have to escape them it's like you see their negatives and figure out how to get away so you can go for the type of dive you want into a pool. In real life, people also have their positives and negatives, their lower and higher nature. The best thing to do is notice both and strive to transform the lower qualities, like fear, into more positive qualities such as Courage and Enthusiasm for trying new things. Then life becomes just like doing front flips and giving friends hugs. 


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