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Trivy is here!

As a loyal Mythical Beasts of the Kommunity, we had a sneak peak that Rhett and Link were making a trivia app when Link posted the KBE to collect questions back in the beginning of July.

Well it's finally here!
Currently on IOS with the Google Play store to have it soon.

Get downloading and get the Rhett and Link pack expansion and let's see who on the Kommunity knows the most about R&L! 

Post your high score/checkpoint screenshots!

Huge thanks to all the following Mythical Beasts of the Kommunity, whose questions were curated by the K-Mods and sent to Rhett and Link. 

A. J. Evans
Aleesha Stone
Alex Lawless
Alexis (Indigo Sparrow)
AngeliqueJ(Hunter of Artemis)
Ariana(horned blue tortoise)
Belle (the llamcat)
Brittany (Broncobat)
Brittany Grooms
Carol (Aelrindyl)
Cassie (Cassiopeia)
Chiritescu Cristiana
cindy erickson
Echo Liu
Ellie (Pegabeard)
Emily (Dragammit)
Emily Mae (Giant Squiddon)
Emo Link (Sparky the Draglewolf)
Eva (Squidlemon)
Ezgi (Melodie the Melusine)
Izzy Lizzie (Nymph)
Jaymie Nunnery
Jessica Grosland (Pegacentaurus)
Jill Benvenuti (Benvenich)
John Marthin Reforma
Julie (Seafoxiboubadger)
Katie Harris
Katie M. (the Squeedosaurus)
Kaylie (Magogstien)
Kenz (cerberus)
Kevin (UniSeal)
Kristen Raffaele
Lady Cynthiana the Kittyfae
Laurndler (púca)
Lili (Lidérc)
Lora Fay (Phantom Fairy)
Luisa Baguiwet (Agilanian)
Luna Muller
Maddie (Baege)
Madi (Nerdy Kitty)
Martin B ^-^(the komm father)
MaryAnn Soriano (Fenngon)
Matt (Ninja Badger)
Megan Kelly (Habaticorn)
Megan Lang (Kitirafficorn)
Mia (Faulkatron)
MR.Awesome.Mythical Beast
Nikky (alieneast)
Olivia Gaffiero (Dancing-Devil)
Peter xl
Piper (Cheese Wolf)
Rachael (Atomic Penguin)
Rachel Felt (Pegtapus)
Ravenna de Rochefort
Rose Falou
Sabrina Johnson
Sammy (dabears)
Sara Mclean
Sarah (Amazon Banshee)
Sarah (RiverMouse)
Shanah (Crafty Chicken)
Ting (Pegastaur)
Victoria (Centauromadoose)
Whitaker (Fleshfooted Furrybird)

Did your question make it into the app?- Take a screenshot and show us!

Be proud Kommunity, we did an ace job on this and everyone who joined in with this KBE deserves a well deserved pat on the back.

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This is my effort- It should say completed but as I got to checkpoint 25 the app crashed and now frozen. I'll just have to uninstall and do it all again ;) - just as well it was fun :)

I did notice a few duplicate questions: Such as who was our first grade teacher - But it wasn't a repeat as one said Ms. Locklear and the other Mrs Locklear.

I have an Android phone...I'll have to sit tight for a bit before I can beat you. ;)
Oh, Carol, that was a trick question. In the documentary , they made it a point to note that she was never married. So, that one might catch a few off guard. You guys (Kmods) are gonna be tough to beat! Hehe!

To be fair the questions repeat quite a bit. I'm not sure why shows same question again if you get it right the first time. I got the same question three times in a 10 question row. I imagine that will get a tweak quite soon. They said hundreds of questions but when playing it didn't feel like many because of the repeats. 

I found my submission, one of them, on the TRIVY app. I don't know how to add a photo to the thread so it's just in "my photos" on my page. Now, back to playing. Haha! I broke my streak when it popped up!

FUN FACT: Trivy includes add-on packs/trivia for 64 different YouTubers and Viners!


Also see the write-up on Trivy by Tubefilter: http://www.tubefilter.com/2015/11/05/trivy-app-rhett-link-chester-see/

Based on what Tubefiler says, Rhett and Link did indeed team up with Chester See to spearhead the Trivy project (they have tagged Chester in most, if not all, of their Trivy announcements). Many YouTubers are now also chiming in to inform their fans that they developed trivia packs included in the game. :)


Rhett & Link and Chester See Team Up with 62 Top Digital Creators to Launch Trivy


Hey guys! I made a Trivy group and I would appreciate it if you join. Thanks!

I didn't get the "Ms/Mrs. Locklear " question the first go around. But I see what you mean now Carol, playing through again. It gives you 'Mrs. Locklear' as one of the four answers, it being the correct one, BUT , clearly a typo?

I think it could be because there are questions from a couple sources going into it, at least it sounded like R&L/Team submitted some then Link got us to make stuff too. It's probably how duplicates are getting in that are clearly not repeats because of different wording etc such as the Ms/Mrs. A quick look into our list and it seems that the Mrs error came from us. Completely missed it when curating this list, but in our defense we had a blooming lot to go through ;)

I finished the game with a 170 streak! I tried to take a screenshot of me getting the last question right to complete the 170 streak, but the game froze afterwards so I'm stuck at the last checkpoint, even though it says checkpoint 25/25. I'm going to reinstall and try to do it again!


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