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I've been wondering about some of comments I've seen on the HHS videos about their set. On a few of their videos people have been saying that the HHS is filmed on the old GMM set. The people making these statements seem pretty sure of themselves, so I was wondering where they heard it. Is there something I missed in one of the videos?

Rhett & Link didn't make any statement either way in their announcement of the move.

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I haven't heard anything definitive either. I'm guessing that both shows are in the same building though, because:

1) Having to pay rent/utilities/upkeep/miscellaneous for two locations probably isn't feasible, especially if the new Kave is bigger than the last.

2) This episode of the HHS featured the classic R&L mannequins, which I assume they would have moved to the newest Kave.

3) Shannon and Candace appeared in the official "Krew job explanation" segment, making it seem like they were onsite like the rest of the Krew.

In the first Season 2 Ear Biscuit, featuring Rainn Wilson, R&L mentioned numerous times that they were in transition from the old studio to the new studio and the Ear Biscuits set was stripped down but still in the old studio building. However, I have no idea when this Ear Biscuit was recorded -- it could have been a month ago or more, given that Ear Biscuits had a pretty long break between Season 1 and Season 2.

My best guess is that people are using the information from the Ear Biscuit to infer that HHS took over the GMM space in the old studio when it was removed and put into the new studio. Or maybe they're making that assumption based on the strong similarities in set-up between the GMM and HHS backgrounds, thinking that the similarity may be due to the use of the same space.

I agree with Kevin, though -- keeping up two studio buildings seems unsustainable, despite how much the Rhett and Link business seems to have grown. I'm pretty sure the plan is to have everything in the new studio building, so even if the HHS set is currently in the old GMM space for some reason, it should be moved into the new studio eventually.

Thanks Kevin and Victoria. It didn't make sense to me either that R&L would have two separate buildings. I'm also very behind on Ear Biscuits, so I wasn't sure if something was mentioned there that I had missed. Thanks for clearing things up for me. :-)

Here's some evidence that HHS is, in fact, in the new studio with GMM (but not in the exact same space, obviously): R&L have mentioned before that there's construction going on in the new building (I think some construction noise was coming through as they were recording), and recently Candace and Shannon addressed some construction noise going on during their own recording session.

It's nice to finally get some tangible evidence that they are sharing the space. 

It makes me wonder though, what exactly is all this construction working towards? Obviously the GMM and HHS studios seem pretty complete, so what's the rest of it? It could just be remodeling the offices, but they did go so far as to build the Song Biscuits set, so I kinda wonder if they may have something else in store for us in the future as well. Okay, wild speculation over. ;-)

After today's GMMore, they must be going to all that construction to put in Link's "dream urinal".

Let's hope those cubicles have doors... for the sake of the ladies in the office. O_o

As a follow-up, portions of the new Mythical Studio have been showing up in the new vlogs of the Hey Hey Show.

Particularly in a vlog from last week, the desk areas of some of the staff/crew and the kitchen area appeared prominently. GMM and HHS staff are all now obviously 100% in the same studio, regardless of if they were separated at some point during the transition.

There is again more of the studio (decent look actually) in the video posted in the R&L Guest Appearances thread but will put here too (From 1:55 -4:45) :


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