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I feel like I'm going crazy - the rhettandlink.com website isn't working for me.... it looks like it loads okay, but when I click on links or videos or mouse-over the menus, nothing happens.  I've tried it in chrome, firefox, and explorer, same result (as you can see, rhettandlinkommunity.com works just fine).  I haven't had problems with any other websites.  I've rebooted.  I'm running Windows 7.

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Been like it a few days it seems

i also noticed this. i hope it gets fixed

Have you tried turning off any adblock stuff you might have?

I'm assuming it was a website problem, because it works now.

Also, I don't use adblock anymore (it steals income away from creators like Rhett and Link).

Link confirms I the GMMore due out today that the site isn't working properly. So it's not just us at least


Burn it with fire!! Or at least threaten to do so. In my experience technology suddenly starts to work when I walk towards it with a screwdriver

I don't have Twitter, Tumblr, or Instagram, so maybe I'm missing an earlier announcement or another piece of the puzzle here, but I have to wonder about R&L's, shall we say...lack of communicative ability when it comes to acknowledging technical issues with their website. It has happened before. I'm used to a business mindset in which you acknowledge those kinds of problems as soon as you discover them, even if you can only say that you're aware of the problem with no solution yet...instead R&L gloss over such things entirely, and their fans have to resort to posting things like this thread or other questions where we try to figure out ourselves if a larger problem is manifesting itself.

Maybe I'm griping, but a simple tweet from them last week about "sorry our website is messing up" would have gone a long way in preventing people's general confusion to begin with.

I used to hover on the kommunity a while ago and never signed up till recently, but they seemed to be more engaged with all aspects in the past. Perhaps since they got a larger team, they lost some of the intimacy they had with fans. This includes little things like a simple twitter update about the site. 

I would agree with your assessment. I joined in 2012, and at that point, I was seeing regular comments from Link on the fanart and other evidence that the guys were still directly involved. That dropped off dramatically in 2013/2014.

Jen is in fact their dedicated social media employee (despite her fame coming from the mail segments), but her involvement with the Kommunity is also very low. Maybe what their ever-expanding team is lacking is an actual communications specialist.

Sadly fans drift away when the 'stars' don't seem as connected/interested in fans, or there is a noticeable drop in interest from them. I've seen it happen to loads of personalities over the years and their communities die when they walk away. Sadly the viewers/paying customers soon follow. But this is off topic 


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