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Okay, so it seems like the Groups are starting to become overwhelming and under-active. Let's change that! There is a very specific feel that we are trying to accomplish with groups - like a huge carnival with a variety of booths to visit, instead of secret societies that exclude. Those who start groups should consider ideas that will create an environment that people will join and want to come back to. It would be great to stay away from creating a mini-My Space or a mini-Facebook. With that being said, the moderating staff has agreed on the following criteria for every group:

  • Kommunity members who create new groups are automatically considered volunteers and should follow volunteer guidelines.
  • Groups should be happening places. Groups that remain inactive for over a month will be removed.
  • Groups must maintain at least 5 members within a month of being formed.
  • Group leaders are responsible for keeping things family friendly.
  • All groups must be public to create an atmosphere of community.

Within the next couple of weeks, we will be attempting to streamline and reinvigorate the groups section. We're excited about making this Kommunity a place to return to day after day. Questions? Comments? Let's hear 'em!

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Sounds great to me!
Great job, Robin! Robin is our moderator in charge of the groups area, so she's your go-to person for questions there. And, if your group gets closed for lack of participation or low membership, hey, don't take it personally! You are always welcome to start a new group. We're just asking that you think before you create and take a personal interest in making your group a place people want to visit. That's a big part of what will make this kommunity a thriving, vibrant place!
I love the idea, absolutely love it. Way to go Robin!!
What are the volunteer guidelines (since I do have two groups)??? Or where can I find them???
Theresa, as long as you're keeping your group family friendly and active, you're good! We haven't published formal volunteer guidelines at this point. Thanks for starting groups!

There needs to be a way to not have Double groups.

Like, there are like 2 Randomness groups.

But they have different names.

SOo.. yea. idk how you would do it but it would help with the unattended groups from being started.

Yep. Yep. I totally agree!

Gosh! This Komm is so tidy and well organized! I'm so proud of being a part of it! =D

 a very many groups will be removed now since they have not been active

Yes indeed -- 200 inactive groups have already been removed since the new K-Mods were instituted. There used to be more than 530, and now we've gotten them down to 330-ish. As the moderator in charge of groups, I am also in the process of consolidating redundant groups, so several more will continue to be removed in the weeks ahead.

These guidelines Robin posted back in 2009 are still good for everyone to follow, although we have expanded the time allowance for inactivity before groups will be deleted.



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