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A long, long time ago, in a Kommunity very near to our collective hearts, several of us old-timer MBs who were around contributed to a KBE where we shared photos of ourselves in the infant to toddler stage of life.  If you're interested you can find and review those here and maybe add your face to the collection:

KBE: Baby Photo

So while reminiscing today this got me to thinking . . .

Has anyone ever seen an actual baby pic of Rhett and/or Link?

To get the conversation going I will post here for your viewing pleasure all the online photos I was able to locate in a quick 15 minute Googling (boopity-boop-boop). 

I'm sure there are many others that I missed, that's why it's a KBE so we can share and collect.  Feel free to post any additional pics you locate of the guys from their pre-Youtube days - - college years or younger only, please.

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There are some pictures of little Rhett in this video, Rhett Raids His Old House, but the way they are filmed makes getting screenshots difficult.

Thanks, Sarah!  you're right, those are a bit choppy but still adds to the experience.

I think Mrs. Carol might be a stalker . . . not only keeping pics of the neighbor kid from 25 years ago but still admits today that she's a big fan saying "I love your work"

Oh I've seen some around.. I'll have to find them again.

Evidently first attempt at posting a pic to a thread! oops...I will try to make it smaller next time. Anyway, this is Rhett circa 1980, 3 years old.

The @rhettandlink Instagram account does/did a lot of Throwback Thursday old photos. Here are some that I don't think you included in your original post...most seem to be high school or college age.

(you have one version of the gorilla shirts that includes someone's dad in the middle)

THANKS!  I assume that's Rhett's dad in the photo, since when they talk about the trip to the zoo and the purple gorilla shirts they say it was he who drove them that day.


whoa where did you find some of these?

They look so much like my brothers in some of these pictures it's a bit disturbing. 


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