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They didn't officially ask to put this on a t-shirt but, really, how can you NOT put this on a t-shirt?


Just a quick question , anyone know who made the new remix (for season 15 ) of the theme song ? 

The description section of each GMM episode contains lots of useful information, including the answer to your question.

"Intro & Outro Music by Mark Byers http://www.markaholic.com/"

Yeah , I saw that , but was unable to find the theme song of season 15 in the playlist , was wondering if anyone in the Kommunity knew where i could find the specific music of music they used in the theme song for season 15 .also, thank you for replying to my initial question .

I'm guessing that part of the deal when making the season 15 song was that it would only appear in the GMM episodes, so I doubt you will find the song anywhere else. Maybe R&L will include it on an album in the future.


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