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I try to go into each episode with an open mind, but I have a hard time believing Rhett (or) Link have much to do with planning episodes like this: clickbait title, thumbnail with the classic "red circle and arrow", bonus points for "FAKE".

Maybe I'm alone on this, but this episode just felt very off-brand and sad to me.

Agreed, sort of.

I almost didn't watch today at all (which would have been a first) just based on the title / topic alone. But then, in retrospect, Rhett's over the top delivery ("HELLLLOOOO!") and refusal to "close the case" on the Taylor Swift Is A Satanist Clone argument pushed it straight into the realm of outright parody, and then it became much more enjoyable from that point of view.

I agree with you that they did come at it sarcastically. It still seemed to me like they were using that as a device to try and finagle something episode-worthy from the weak topic.

I felt like the last couple episodes were kinda "stale." But the conspiracy theory one really did bother me. I'm a mom and to have that story about JonBenet Ramsey as part of their episode was really in bad taste, IMHO. Murdered children should be off limit. I was so shocked by that....especially since these guys are dads themselves. My family and I have been watching GMM for a couple years now and have enjoyed them...we look forward to watching everyday. This was so disappointing and made me really uncomfortable. Sad....:(



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