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Why Rhett doesn't allow link to handle these knives or sharp things?

So I'm binge watching the episode of GMM and GMMore right now. After watching GMM 1098 which is this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dfDsiaDKxRk titled "Most satisfying video ever" or something around that and through the past episode. I've noticed how really cautious Rhett is about making Link handle the sharp things, but, I haven't seen why he doesn't allow it. I've always watched GMM and GMMore but I don't know why He doesn't allow him. Can someone tell me why?

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I am leaning towards Link being a clutts with sharp objects.

* clutz

Link has a history of being a little clumsy or absent-minded with sharp or otherwise potentially dangerous items on the show. I don't think I'm finding the most egregious examples at the moment, but here are a few --

  • Not knife-related, but in the GMMore "Egg Taste Test: Good Mythical Crew" (GMM 871), Link firmly presses his finger into a hot plate and startles himself because, well, it's hot.
  • In GMM 939, "Play With Your Food (GAME)," Link has difficulty cutting a peach and Rhett freaks out a little bit.
  • In GMM 944, "Cutting Onions With A Fan," Link admits he isn't good at using knives.
  • In GMM 1051, "Will It Fruitcake? Taste Test," Link drops a knife while bringing it onto the table and Rhett makes comments about how Link shouldn't be given knives.
  • In GMM 1081, "International Spice Taste Test," Link almost hits Chase with a dart. Rhett comments, "He's almost hurt me so many times and injured me so many times that I'm not surprised."

Thanks, Victoria. I can't point to any specific incidents (I think most are a couple years back now) but I know there have been a few times Link's had hold of a knife on GMM/GMMore and it looks like the beginning of a PSA on how not to use knives, or one of those infomercials for a slicing gadget. I found myself wincing at the screen because of how close he was to cutting himself. 

Thanks for explaining that, seeing how many examples, I can see how much time was spent, so thank you.

You're welcome! :)

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He is also clumsy with a blender on a series finale GMMore around Christmas time.

Because, a Christmas a couple years ago link was cutting a barbie doll his daughter got out of its packaging with a knife and sliced his finger. His finger started bleeding and link passed out into his father in law's arms.

If you did not catch it Link handled a scalpel in the leave it in champagne episode. But for the record he was not left unattended with it. :D


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