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I wanted to re-download the Trivy app today, but I couldn't find it on the App Store. I tested several links (in hopes that one would work), but I kept getting an App Store message saying that it's "not currently available in the U.S. store."

Does anyone here know what happened to Trivy? Is it still available in other countries, but not the U.S.? Thanks!


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Same thing has been happening to me! I love the app, but I deleted it for space. Now that there is more space on the phone, I wanted to get it again. But I couldn't find it! I checked everywhere, checking to make sure that I didn't misspell it, seeing if anywhere there was news that it was taken down, but all I ever found was tweets from 2 and a half years ago of its launch.

:( I really miss it. RIP Trivy 2015-2017

Hmm... I guess it's a mystery! Glad I wasn't the only one having troubles finding it, though. When no one replied to this post, I wondered if I was the only one with the issue...

I could not find it either. I checked Google Play, Lenovo app explorer, and the App store. Nothing seemed to work. 

I have no idea!  I wanted to download it so badly but it was too late!  If Rhett or Link is reading this, please add Trivy back!


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