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So...here we are now! Season 11 of GMM has finally started!

Obviously the new "Wheel of Mythicality" has already started a lot of discussions...so why not start one on the Komm, I thought to myself.

New WoM endings: 

- Take and Make
- Comment Takeover
- Gif of the Day
- Winface
- Don't Google That
- Gifticality
- Let's Get Textual
- Lonely Hashtag
- 6 Degrees of Bacon
- Winface
- 10 Second Tour

I'm interested to see what those new endings will be, but I'm also sad, because it seems like a lot of the "improv ending" is gone now. On the other hand it looks like they tried to interact with the Mythical Beasts more with the new wheel.

What is your opinion?

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I agreed with "they tried to interact with the Mythical Beasts" part, but I still can't get over the fact that there will be no improve ending anymore. Most of my twitter friends don't like the new wheel, I also don't like "Gif of the day spot", but I can give them a chance and wait to see some interesting thing from the wheel soon.

I believe they do wanna interact with the community more, like today for example they are giving away their hot dog paintings on Twitter. Most of these seem to be things that will involve audience participation --winface, lonely hashtag, comment takeover, take and make (sounds like a Photoshop assignment)

They'll definitely be doing some trial and error here. They probably will end up switching out some of the endings that will flop --like I'm not a big fan of Gif of the Day.

However, I am glad to see Gifticality back up there, that was very successful this winter.

I am really curious about a couple of these, interesting to see how they play out. 

I like the charity that Gifticality will be helping. I can't wait to see what some of these mean. They are more interactive and I will be glad to get rid of "unisongs" and " a world without..." Those were getting tiresome to me. I have already been to Instagram checking out all of the lonely hashtags submissions. It's fun. If this is the biggest change in this season, I think I can handle it. It's neater, better than the dry erase wheel. I kind of like it.

I hope the new wheel proves my assumptions wrong, but I've been looking forward to the return of the old wheel since the first few Gifticality spins. With how regimented many episode "templates" have become over the past few years, the silly, sometimes nonsensical minute of improv at the end was always a nice, candid closer.

My first impression of this wheel is "social media machine", but I'll try to keep an open mind.

I admit I didn't feel all too positive about it yesterday, but we'll see. I pretty much agree with everyone and I can see how it would be more engaging on social media, but also a lot of people want to continue to see and greatly enjoy the improv. I know I do. I'm not going to make assumptions because we don't know why this was done. I welcome change, even though it scares me sometimes. If Rhett and Link need to do something new, then they have every right to try things out, just as in previous seasons. I can't even imagine all the changes that long-time viewers have been through! Whew! I also have to admit that as a semi-organized person, the wheel looks GORGEOUS with that typed out print! It's great to be able to read everything on there, so thank you to whoever did that! 

I loved the BYMB spot today. This season is becoming so much more "fan interactive" and I think it is great!

From what I've seen, the wheel has been made so that the Mythical Beasts are encouraged to do things (i.e. post something (such as #breadbowlhat & a picture of them wearing such) in the hopes they'll get noticed by the main account + R&L's personal accounts). So yes, it's for more fan interaction. I like that Gifticality is still up there from last season. But it also seems that there's a few spots (such as 'Gif of the Day') that just causes R&L to watch something + doesn't require fan interaction (and from the looks of it, almost no one (including me) enjoys those types of wheel endings too much)

I don't think there'll be anymore improv spots which I'll miss dearly (mainly fan suggestions rather than unisongs & beatboxing something or others). They were really fun & sometimes were the best part of an episode

Some of the greatest GMM moments have come from the improv endings. I'm really sad they're not doing them anymore.

I have mixed feelings about it, and most of them have already been mentioned in the replies. As a few others said, the improv wheel endings made for some of the best moments of the show. I suppose it must get tiring for them to end almost every episode with some silly improv exercise. More fan interaction is a good thing, though I feel like their social media outlets have that pretty well covered. I'm sure they've been flooded with negative feedback on it already, which must be discouraging. I also support them giving to charity 100%. So I guess I'll end this rambling by saying that I'm not impressed with what I've seen so far, but I trust them, and I think at the end of the day, they will do what's best for the show, themselves, and the mythical beasts.

I'm unsure about it, too. In a way, I like that they're encouraging mythical beasts to participate in fun "assignments", but it sure is sad to see their improvs go. Maybe they'll make hybrid wheel in Season 12 with mythical assignments, charity AND improv spots. :)

After seeing how it worked out this week, I'm more positive about the wheel. It was great to see a lot of people participating in the "Banana for Nana" activity. I'm interested in how the rest of them go!


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