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Seriously...pick one and only one, as of today. We know the next one will automatically become your new favorite the moment it is released!

Me? It's "The BBQ Song," since that was my introduction to them. Wait, maybe it's...nah, I'll stick.

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well i sorta get to cheat being an intern and all but mine i will have to say will either be the 80's video or the space junk video
CHEATER!!!!!!!! Nobody else has seen these yet! LOL!
I have to agree, He is soo cheating.
hahaa i intern too, I have seen them in their outfits, we did an insurance video.
My favorite video is any one where they dress up as Larnold or Rusty. That may be because they remind me of everyone in the Lillington area.
My favorite song is definitely the Maine Man song or Cornhole Song
HAHA many memories with the Maine man, that is when I started working with them
I remember that, Sam! I was watching the office hours that day Link was working on that high note. :)
I have to say, My favorite videos are as follows:
Maine Man
Color Wars - I LOVE this one
Cheese Rap
It's too hard to pick just one favorite, so here is my list:
Dead iPod Song
Cornhole Song
ShamWow Song
Invisible Bed Fence
Rusty Jr. Interviews Rusty Sr.
Maine Man Song
and all my friends love the Velco Song.

But if I had to pick just one... Probably the Dead iPod Song.
Hmm. Maine Man. Cornhole. I can't choose between them!
My # 1 is the Maine Man song..followed by Cornhole Song, Fireworks Song, BBQ Song... no way to pick just one..lol...


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