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Hey Guys I just bought some tickets to the tour and They say meet and greet up top. 

I didn’t see any section where I bought my tickets where they talked about the Vip experience. 

So I am coming on here to ask how does the “Vip & Meet and Greet” is diffrent than a regular ticket. 

Does the venue open up earlier for Vip ticket holders. Is there a line formed? Do each vip person get a set amount a time with them? Or is it like a more intimate ahow woth just the Vip ticket holders?? Thanks in advanced guys

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I'm sure each venue has a slightly different experience. I had a VIP ticket to the Tour of Mythicality, so it may be different for this "Live in Concert" event, but I'll describe my experience below in case you get no other feedback.

After the show, the VIP ticketholders stayed in the auditorium as everyone else left. Then a representative led the VIPs out to a separate room where a line was formed in front of a Tour of Mythicality photo backdrop. After a bit, Rhett & Link came in and the line began moving. When you reached the front of the line, you received a bag with some "swag" in it and walked up to talk one-on-one with R&L. The time varied from person to person, but the average was probably between 90 and 120 seconds. At the end of your chat, a photographer snapped a picture of you with R&L and sent it to an email address you provided before you left.

Thankyou this helps so much

To answer some of your other questions, VIP ticketholders typically have a separate line and get to enter the venue early (so show up early, too!). Because you have designated seats, it might not matter that much, but for venues with unassigned seating, VIP ensures you get your pick of the front seats.

From what I saw of the VIP experiences for the NC State Fair show (which was their first show of the "live in concert" series), it works pretty much the same way Kevin described. I also had VIP tickets for the Tour of Mythicality, and the only difference I'll note from Kevin's experience was that our venue didn't have a photographer with their own camera who had to send photos to email addresses. Our "photographer" was just the tour manager, who took each person's phone or other personal camera and snapped photos at the end of the brief one-on-one.

If you want candid shots during the meet and greet, prior to the posed ones at the end, you might want to request it of the person taking photos. The tour manager didn't get any candids for me, but Rhett & Link's executive assistant Jenna was taking candid shots for people on the Australia leg of the Tour of Mythicality, so it will vary depending on who's been designated this time.

Hope that helps!

Thankyou for your insight, I really appreiciate it. I cant wait 

It says on YouTube that there is a show in Nashville but they haven't said they are going to Nashville. When you click on the link to purchase tickets it says that all the tickets are gone. Can anyone explain this?

The Ryman Auditorium show (April 9) has been "sold out" basically since the first day tickets were available. Still some can be purchased at a premium through ticket resellers,



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