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What if Link played guitar and Rhett played all things windy (recorder, harmonica, penny whistle, etc)?

How would the world be different if Rhett and Link's musical roles were reversed? I can't even imagine either one playing the other. Or any other instrument. Can you imagine if they were a saxophone and drum duo? Can anyone imagine that crazy world? Comments?

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I don't know...I could see Link playing the sax (considering it has the same fingerings as the recorder, it may be something he wants to look into!) and I could definitely picture Rhett being all cool behind a drum set. 8) I think it would be cooler if they did a song with Link playing sax and Rhett playing like....trombone or something. Or Link could teach him the trumpet. The possibilities are endless!

I think it would be odd seeing Rhett playing all of the various instruments that Link has played, though, just because we're all so used to them playing what they play. haha
Flute has the same fingerings as recorder as well. Oh, Link... please play us some flute!
Seeing their musical roles reversed would be like peering through my computer into some odd parallel universe. Although, as we've seen from the Live pre-shows, Rhett does have mad air drum skills.
I'd like to see them both play cello.
Yes! And in harmony/melody!! That would be sweet!
Wow... I think I could maybe see link with a guitar (probably because he "used" one in the ineternet overdose song... but gosh I don't know about rhett playing the wind instruments... I can imagine the guitar thing for rhett though, and maybe the sax for Link. I think i agree with the cello thing though.. how aweseome would that be!
I believe that if that happen, the world would implode.

But that's just my theory. =)
Yeah, it's hard to imagine, isn't it? Weird! I could see Link playing the guitar, but I think both of them play the intruments ment for them to play. Saxophone and drum duo? Link would get the sax. Rhett would be the drummer.. at least, thats how I see it.
^Yeah. I hope they're taking notes! :P
(The sax really isn't hard to play. I promise.)


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