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Vidcon is now less than 2 weeks away! Today the detailed agenda has been released along with other important info that attendees should know.

My question for you guys is: Are there any other Mythical Beasts going this year? I'm happy to say that I'll be making the journey all the way from Kentucky to LA for the event.

I'm very excited to go, but I'm a little concerned I won't have a chance to actually meet R&L. From the "orientation" videos I've watched, it seems like getting face time with big-time creators will be very difficult. It will likely be just a few second photo-op with no time for conversations. There's even a risk for the line to be cut off. Ah, it is what it is.

To be honest, I'm really hoping the guys will do a Mythical Beast Meet Up again this year. Last year it was announced on Vidcon's website, but this year they do not have any meet ups on the schedule at all. I'm holding out hope that R&L will announce something about it themselves...

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Have a great vacation at Vidson and then get back to Kentucky pumped up with lots of great ideas to use at MythiCon.  If you do happen to meet up with R&L or any of the GMM crew  you might bring along an item you could get autographed for a MythiCon give-away drawing to one of the attendees.

With Jason Inman's comic interest and obsession with both Batman and Superman it would be cool to get him to sign the hoops on your wall art hangings if you happen to run into him at the R&L meet-up.

I'm sure you have a lot of favorites you'll want to hit during those few days, but here's a CHEAT SHEET to help you hit all the R&L opportunities listed in the online published agenda . . .


Notice that there appears to be some overlap in announced times and places on the Friday schedule


Instead of rehashing a bunch of stuff I've posted before, reference HERE for several R&L-related dining and adventure opportunities while out in the greater Los Angeles area.


* although I have said this many times before, it is seldom true


Sadly, the BatchGeo map that I had built for Scott is no longer available because it has been too long since it was last viewed or edited. If you desire a route map let me know what locations you want pinned.

Whoa! Thanks Gumbo! Much appreciated!


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