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It has come to my attention that the format for Good Mythical Morning has changed. I have been a loyal fan of GMM for over 5 years. Although Rhett and Link have been preparing us for the upcoming changes, through Ear Biscuits and on GMM episodes in the past weeks, nothing could have prepared me for the absolute chaos that is the new change. I feel that the new set up is very hard to navigate. I just so happened to click on the “first” video in the Monday series, but that was by chance. If you go to the Good Mythical Morning channel the videos are released in order but the last one is first. Making the first one last. If there are four episodes per day, I think that eventually I will only be watching some of them and the rest will get lost in a sea of videos.
Now, I’m not here to say that they don’t know what they are doing. Almost every other endeavor has worked out just fine,( Buddy System, Ear Biscuits, The Book of Mythicality,etc) but are we forgetting The Mythical show? From my understanding that show was a flop. So why are they trying to mimic that style of more content?
Aside from that fact that this is new and will take some adjusting, the content is also a concern for me. Just from watching Monday’s series I already have negative thoughts on the quality of content. The wind baking episode, come on, what is this? I did not appreciate it being so heavily edited. The one thing I love about GMM is that it’s one take. Now I know this is recently false information. But in the past, when I feel GMM was in its prime, it was one take. Also, Link promised we would “get four videos assembled into and amazing episode for your viewing experience pleasure” This is NOT an “amazing episode”. This is four pathetic GMMs released at the same time. And Rhett says “we are going to be giving you four videos every single day that together comprise a longer super episode of Good Mythical Morning”. Last I checked they were being released as four separate episodes, three of which are half the length of a normal GMM. And the view count on the videos had drastically gone down with only a few reaching 1,000,000 and most averaging 600,000
I’m a big supporter of the phrase,”If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” Please don’t “fix” GMM! 

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Emily Brinkmann

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Thanks for your comments. For you (and any future viewers) here is a link to the previously posted and ongoing topic thread topic . . . please reply to Katie (The Crochet Sheep)'s discussion Thoughts on the New GMM?

P.S. - as for finding the first video for the daily show, just look for the ".1" in each daily episode number (i.e. Season 12, Episode 70.1) or the thumbnail pic with a green border.  After that, they load automatically in sequence.  Happy viewing!


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