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Supernote 2008, Supernote 2010....will there be a Supernote 2012??? Or is it an idea whose time has passed? Dunno if the spacing of the first two was a conscious decision or just a coincidence, but if the Olympics are every four years, why not have Supernote every other year? Just wondering since I missed out on the first two and they looked like fun.

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I was thinking of this recently. Isn't it usually in October? Things get bigger and bigger, so it'd probably be a huge undertaking, but also fun! 

You're right, they were. I didn't know about R&L  until a month and a half ago, so my knowledge of Supernote only comes through blitzing through the video archives, which blurs mental timelines. ^_^ Since it's been two years since the last one, might as well ask early though!

Certainly! Time to start exercising and warming up those lungs just in case. 

They just confirmed on Twitter that there will in fact be SuperNote 2012 this October! Start exercising those lungs!


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