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I think it would be fun to see another "smeeling" episode. (one person smells while the other person feels objects in a bowl) I would also like to see Rhett and Link's least favorite foods prepared in ways they actually like to eat. Such as Rhett maybe eating hot/spicy livermush? I also know they used to do a segment sometimes about weird websites I would like to suggest www.sealornoseal.com

I've noticed in some of the episodes Rhett and Link annoy each other a little and I don't particularly like that. I like them working as a team and as friends instead of for example Link saying Rhett has "no chin" among other insults.

What are some suggestions for the show that you would like to make?

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Dont get me wrong im not complaining about the newer episodes by any means but they do alot of taste testing and expiriments latley, which I do love, but one thing I miss as well are when they find an odd topic and just discuss that,
An episode like that every now and again would be cool, those like in season one and two of GMM were some of the funniest episodes! Idea example: If in the future we discovered another planet like earth suitable for human growth and expansion and the government was providing you with everthing you need, money and all to start a new life on a new planet as part of an expansion project or something, could you up and uproot everything and live on another planet?

Sounds like a cool idea to me.

I just thought of this one...
How about ending spoilers for terrible movies that no person would ever want to watch?
A few examples would be "Meet the Feebles" (Directed by Peter Jackson) and "Illegal Aliens" (starring Anna Nichole Smith).


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