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The old post was about me trying to find someone to buy a pair of tickets to the concert, but as they've now been sold, I decided to change the context of the conversation to be about the actual concert itself and who is attending it.

I'm going with my younger sister and my two best friends. I've watched Rhett and Link since "My Favorite Pillow" first came out so I was beyond stoked to see they were coming to Columbus. Finally, my favorite Youtubers were going to be close enough to see! It's almost a two hour drive so it's not too bad. How far is anyone else coming to see this one?

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K-Mod Victoria has had success in the past shows helping people link up for trade or sale of tickets.

Victoria manages the Kommunity's other social media accounts.

I messaged to let her know you have these, so watch for a response.  

Okay, thank you!

If you have not sold these please let me know. Thank you!

Nope, haven't sold them yet. Were you interested in them? If so, I can send you a PM with my information.


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