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Since there hasn't been a discussion about the old "LOGOWARS" for a few years now, and Rhett and Link recently made an even newer logo I thought there should be another vote.  So the question is simple, which logo do you prefer?

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I remember that one too . . .

They had already switched to the new logo when I started watching them, but I like the old logo better. All the old logo would need to be perfect is a little update to account for Rhett's full beard and Link's glasses. 

So, looks like this would be PART II of the discussion begun in October 2011 when the logo was last updated . . .

LOGOWARS - - - your place to vote


And now it has evolved again . . . I LIKE IT!


I totally forgot about the newer new l0go, thanks for the update Gumbo!  But my vote is still the old logo.

I'll always be partial to the old logo! I've grown more accustomed to the new one that I was at first, but I wouldn't complain at all if they for some reason switched back.

I LOVE! The newest one :D

The middle one is my favorite
The middle one
I prefer the middle one too


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