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Hi Folks, 

Since I have a fancy microphone, I figure others must also have a fancy microphone. As such I am looking to do something new (for me) and start a Mythical Beast podcast. 

I would like to do something that has some satire of current world news, funny things around the Internets,  things that Rhett and Link fans are into and get into some advertisement of things that can help beasts like mentioning their e stores, meet ups, all that fun stuff. 

We need to get started:

1 - 2 co hosts - legal adult age
4 - 5 research people - using the powers of the google to find us cool stuff to talk about
3 marketing people - making the face books and twitters and other cool pages on the electric computer machine internetting

International correspondents who want to make videos reporting on awesome stuff in their country.
4 social media representatives and moderators.  - people that ban those people talking about their supper

I don't want to have to find a theme song so Id love people with music skills to make something up.

we also need a manager to assist with organizing what we have, some coordinators to help put together the sequence of the show.

the hosts of the show will not be sitting on web cam it will be an audio pod cast, but while the shows going on there will be images, and videos relating to the pod cast playing on the screen.

Plenty of room for shenanigans. I already have a bunch of ideas for segments but the most important thing that this show will need is people with good ideas, people who are excited to be part of something made by the fans of rhett and link and showing how good our mythical best is.

I don't want to choose the name I'd love for you guys to choose the name of the show, design the logos and take all the submitted logos and make it into one gif file of epic proportions.

Things we would love people who just want to help give us some content to do:

Fake or real commercials, if you, your family, or your friends have a business or event they want to advertise make a wacky commercial well put it in there too. Likely not to drum them any business but it will be out there.

? - Animators graphic designs, artsy people. - DRAWRERERS and cartooners.\

Your pictures of rhett and link and mythical beasts and all kinds of your own awesome personal stuff.

Even if you don't want to be part of the broadcasting team please like this post, give a share to your friends and help get as much attention to it as you can.

It will be a show for the beasts by the beasts, having experience in pod casting opens up chances to learn a lot of things and looks good on a resume. I can't promise any cash but you never know what could happen. 


Please make this trend #tmbpc #themythicalbeastpodcast

Let me know if you want in, or feel free to suggest ideas.


The Legendary Oaky of Canada.

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I have a microphone and i would love to do it!!!! But, im only 12

If it were to make money it would be a legal head ache with you being under 18 but we will need guests once in a while and people with their own segments so get on to making some cool random videos and ill find a use for them. 

I want to research! :D

I'll be your British correspondent :D

love it.

Maakkee this happen!! Im 24 by the way :)

lol so you do your mythical british beast bestness and youll have a hoody with your name on it and a logo by 26 >.> lol

I will do something to help you name it

good man

But what can i do

be your mythical best and do something that makes you proud, what are your interests? Do you do anything creative? if its a pod casts for beasts by beasts it would be a video of what you feel is your mythical best.

I would love to be in the podcast except I'm really shy, don't have a microphone, and it would be better if I did it with someone with me like I can do the podcast with Bean if he decides to do it or something and the only way I could chat would be in a chatroom :/ I'm 12 btw


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