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I know this may sound curious and even weird lol but I'm searching for the gmm episode in which,for some reason,Link is holding a confetti popper and almost hits Rhett with it

I need the link of that episode beacuse I'm showing to a friend of  mine the funniest episodes while waiting for good mythical summer :)

(Sorry for my English but I'm from Italy)


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Here you go: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wuexggHCJaY&feature=youtu.be&am...

And your English is good, so don't worry.

That's the one..Thank you very much :)

Wow! What a coincidence that the assignment for today (8May2018) would be the Windy Bakers which is the episode just before the episode that you were searching for.

Really? That's cool :)


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