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Thanks to 2 AMAZING mythical beasts, I was able to get tickets to the earlier Atlanta show. BUT I now have a single ticket to the later Atlanta show for sale! Selling for what I paid, $35! Please message me for more info!



Hi all Mythical Beasts!
I’m in a predicament. I’m supposed to see R&L in Atlanta Saturday but my friend isn’t going with me and I’m having to go alone. I REALLY don’t want to have to do that so I’m trying to get my other friend to go but they need a ticket, so if anyone has one to sell I would be forever grateful!!

I’m looking for:

2 tickets to the early show


1 ticket for the late show

Thanks for your help!

*Please forgive me if this wasn’t the right place to ask! Not a new R&L fan, but new to this forum!!

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I think this one ticket to the early Atlanta show has already been claimed, but you can certainly double check by asking her.

And it's fine to post here, so don't worry. Several people have posted about selling tickets to certain shows, so keep watching as the week goes on. In some cases, tickets have been offered as late as a few hours before the show starts.

You can also keep an eye on the Kommunity's Twitter or Facebook pages, since both promote posts about selling or seeking tickets.

Thank you so much! I’ll definitely keep checking and keep my fingers crossed! It’s so stressful that this is all happening so close to the show! 

Thank you for your help!! I wound up getting that ticket! I really appreciate it! I now have one for sale for the later show if you hear of anyone that is looking!

Thank you again!!

I'm glad everything worked out. Have fun!


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