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Hey Mythical Beasts. I need help naming my two new zebra finches and I wanted to give them mythical names or something related to Rhett and Link. Any suggestions?

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hmmm . . . let me think . . . FLITZ & STEVE!

named after the two dancers in the Dope Zebra costume --- Amra "Flitz" Ricketts & Steven Nicholas Smith --- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7MNWhd0WRho )

Image result for dope zebra gif

Íslensku nöfn Rhett og tengja

That's a good idea

if they're male, Cleto and Peter, and if they are girls, Camila and Valeria. If you want to go full BYMB, Belvedere and Randler! Or Rhett and Link...

I'm new ish to GMM so this is probably going to sound like a stupid question, but what is Belvedere?

BELVEDERE is the name of the cockatrice that appears on the GMM introduction and elsewhere on Mythical Entertainment and Kommunity items. Read up on it at the initial KBE [Kommunity Building Exercise] discussion at: 

P.S. the name suggestion was by me based on this tiny bit of {boopity-boop-boop!} research

A cockatrice overdoor at Belvedere Castle (1869) in New York's Central Park

Awesome! Thank you


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