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Today I won tickets to see a early screening of the hobbit at the grove In LA, turned my day into a mythically awesome day our of the blue, have u guys ever won anything off the radio?

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My mom has won tickets to concerts before from the radio, but I never have. That is beyond awesome though! I cannot wait for The Hobbit. 

YUP! from about 5 or 6 different stations over the years - - -never one of those "BE THE 173RD CALLER" things, but quite a number of trivia questions answered to win free lunch at some really nice restaurants, several albums / CD's, concert tickets (Robert Plant, Phil Collins, Reba McIntyre, Cheap Trick & others) plus some other assorted goody packages

I never got to answer trivia or anything like that, but I always wanted to

I also came up with the suggestion about 10 years back when the radio traffic guys were trying to come up with a name for a new landmark in Atlanta - - - they alreay had names like Spaghetti Junction (I-85 & I-285 interchange),  Perimiter Loop (I-285), Alpharetta Autobahn (GA 400) and the inevitible "ubiquitous ladder in the roadway" - - -

  • Tom Moreland Interchange ~ a.k.a. Spaghetti Junction, Atlanta, GA

 Map of Tom Moreland Interchange


 . . . so when the new bridge was built near downtown for 17th Street overpass of the I-75/85 Connector they needing something funny to call it . . .


BONUS POINTS > > > can anyone figure out why this is still referred to by traffic announcers as the "BAY Bridge"  when it is not located anywhere near or leading to a body of water?



Spaghetti Junction! I love that name. 

Maybe it's named after someone named Bay? Like Michael Bay. 


Is it an acronym? 


. . . as for Spaghetti Junction, the term was originally used to refer to the Gravelly Hill Interchange on the M6 motorway in Birmingham, United Kingdom


. . . and I just realized how dated that pic of SJ-Atlanta was . . . here it is today  . . . next week they add flight patterns for the hovercraft and helicopters:

I'm just gonna guess because you said "STILL referred to" that this either used to cross over a bay, or led to a bay, or led to a city named bay


HINT:  the first pic posted of the Atlanta  BAY  Bridge is from Bing Maps (street view) and, because of the shadows cast by the buildings towering to the right at Atlantic Station, is a bit misleading . . . this one from early construction in Spring 2003 might give you a better idea . . .


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