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Last night I had a dream with Rhett and Link. It was at my church near the separate youth building where there was a camp of Rhett and Link. There were two teams, Team Rhett and Team Link. I was on team Link, my friend Isaiah on team Rhett. Then, Link screams at me, "Hurry up, Mongolia doesn't grow on trees!" THE END

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I had a dream last night that I got to visit Rhett and Link while they were taking part in a 'keep fit boot camp'. But Link had given himself a buzz cut and I got annoyed at him for doing that lol. Also I only took a photo of myself with Rhett because I didn't want their fans to find out that Link had shaved his hair off. THE END

Yup, Just last night, and I commented this on the If bubble were bullets video that up went up today, I was with Link and his wife and we were discussing there relationship, I think, we were also having profound conversations...Well at least me and Christie were, Link was asking questions and getting himself caught up in awkwardness. I can't remember any of the conversations but I can still feel the vibe of them and the most striking part of the dream was how amazingly and angelically beautiful Links wife was, She was incredibly smart, witty and so unlike any other woman I have ever seen. The dream ended before Rhett and his wife were supposed to arrive. I really want to see my minds residual image of what Jamie looks like.

Oh and btw, I came to the forum section to create this thread. So coincidental, is everyone watching Rhett and link as much as me and I assume you and the other poster too that they're invading are Dreams. Extra Internetainment in dream form.

Yes and the fact we all had a dream of them just last night too! Also I think Rhett's wife's name is Jessie :)

I've had 4 dreams of Rhett and Link. In one of them I won a lottery which gave me the chance to spend the day with them. In the next dream I was working for them in YouTube headquarters and in another one I was also working with them. I love dreaming about Rhett & Link. Would love to work with them too in real life!! :)


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