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Have you ever had a dream where you look in the mirror and something's just not right?

I had a dream that i looke in the mirror and my hair was short and light red...

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Being that I have a slight phobia of mirrors (long story) I hope I never encounter one in my dreams. 

Crazy, I also have a fear of mirrors. I also love Zelda, I have the Triforce on my back. 

Actually did you know that in a dream if you look at a mirror something will ALWAYS be slightly off.

 And  if you look in a mirror  in a dream you should see what you think about yourself.

once i looked in the mirror and i was link from the legend of zelda

I don't remember ever looking at mirrors in dreams.

The best way to think of this dream is to remember that images in dreams are metaphors and symbols for real life. When you understand the message of the symbol you can solve the problem and apply the solution to real life. What is a mirror? A mirror is something which reflects back reality. To see yourself in a mirror in a dream is like seeing a part of yourself reflected back at yourself. Since your hair was short and light red in the dream, and you felt like it just wasn't right, that means there is something in the life of your Self which is not quite right. Don't feel bad about this. It's a good thing to notice when something isn't quite right and then do something to make it right, to make it better. You can start by asking yourself what does short, light red hair mean to you? Go from there. 


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