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Depending on when you are reading this, you may or may not know about Rhett and Link's all new podcast that was just released today, intriguingly entitled "Ear Biscuits". I could give a long exposition here on what it's about, but they do a much better job explaining that in the first few minutes of the show.

Given that this is very new, this discussion has been created to serve 3 purposes:

1. To get the word out! As of typing this, the show is still very much in its infancy. As loyal Mythical Beasts, this is certainly a good place to start spreading it around.

2. To encourage everyone to write iTunes reviews for the show. Writing reviews not only gives R&L the feedback they want to hear, but it also gets the podcast attention in the iTunes podcast section. Especially in the first few episodes, this can be crucial to helping the success of the series. With high enough ratings, they can earn one of the top podcast spots easily, and that significantly generates new listeners who are "podcast buffs", so to say, and are watching for any new shows to break that barrier. I listen to another podcast that started recently ("If I Were You" by Jake and Amir), and they were very grateful for fans writing iTunes reviews, since it helped get them onto the leaderboards early on and boosted the listener count quite drastically.

3. Finally, this discussion can serve as a receptacle for all your first reactions! I'm sure that if this thing takes off as they're hoping, more official groups and discussion will be dedicated as the go-to places for all things Ear-Biscuit. But in the meantime, feel free to share any of your initial thought below.

Happy listening, and I hope you consider writing a review for the above reasons!

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I just now listened to it. I thought it was great! I rarely review stuff on iTunes, but I made sure to go and review/comment on it. I really hope this is a huge success.

I listened to it on SoundCloud at 2am last night because I couldn't sleep. I thought it was great! Although I don't know how often I'll have a full hour to listen to a podcast to be honest. I'll definitely listen to the ones that feature people or topics I'm interested in though. I hope that this is another successful venture for them!

I left an iTunes review last night, but it doesn't seem to have gone through yet. I like the podcast because R&L showcase a different side of them as real interviewers and friends to their YouTuber guests; it's not intended to be comedic like their normal stuff, but it's still funny based on the natural humor of everyone involved.

1 hour is probably too long to hold the attention of R&L's younger viewers, but for the really invested fans, I think Ear Biscuits is a good addition.

Yeah, the reviews don't start going through until they get a certain amount, I believe. All the more reason to get some in right away so it can show ratings as soon as possible.

And I agree; 1 hour is a bit long for the younger/casual listener, but I'm certain there will be a large demographic who can get on board for this style of content. I know I am, at least.

I love this idea! I sometimes found GMM to be quite difficult to listen to as listen-only podcast version, because a lot of the episodes were very visual-oriented (like the Wal-Mart taste test and the Thursday means mail episodes). I've already recommended it to some family members and they're hooked too. I really loved the first episode, and I can't wait for the next one!

Thank you for bringing this to my attention Kevin. I have not listened to it yet but I will!!

FYI this podcast is great. It is also available on the Zune Marketplace for all of those of you who maybe like me and still use a Zune vs. an Isomething.  Keep up the good work guys.


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