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Have you ever had a dream about R&L? Admit it, you have. Tell us about YOUR mythical dream!

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i had a dream that i was working for R&L. They were filming this music video that involved a dragon. They accidently made the dragon mad, and it threw us all down this mountain of scrap metal. when it finally ended, we all just kind of layed there. then Link started saying,"Hold on, I'm just coming to. Evidently I've hurt my left hip". At this point, Rhett was laughing like a mad man while singing the Perfect Bathroom Trip Plan song. I was crying.  Then the dream cut to us leaving the hospital. Rhett was telling me all about his broken back, while Link kept wanting me to sing a song with him. He kept telling me it was a Lionel Richie song, but i didn't recognize it. I finally snapped at Link and told him to stop,he ran off, like a scolded child. Rhett gave me a mean look, and walked away. More happened, but i honestly don't remember

I've had only one. It was back in 2o10. We were on a flying Viking ship, and we were about to search for gold in the Himalayan mountains, I honestly don't know why. We ran into monks and ninjas. Once again, I don't know why. There was a Kung-Fu battle and Rhett ran up and kicked a mountain in half. And Link kicked Rhett in half.  But, Rhett grew the other halves to his body back, so there were TWO Rhett's.  Link grew TWO TIMES AS LARGE and then they began fighting a dragon. Once again, I don't know where the dragon comes into this. It just popped out of nowhere I guess. Then, I woke up.

haha! great! extremly mythical! share this with everyone! i want to see how mythical the dreams get!

That's hilarious. Kicking a mountain in half sounds epic.

hah rhett and link would love that lol


I woke up about 20 minutes ago and I remember seeing Link there and he was talking about a book, but other than that, I can't remember anything about it. That's usually how things go for me, unless it's a truly strange dream. 

I probably dream about Internet friends and YouTubers more than actual people in my life. It's weird. 

that is incredibly true!

well in my first one they came to my house and surpirsed me then they did gmm at my house and then i showed em where everything is in my city then we hung out for a while. another they came to my youth group and sang a ton of their songs with us (ive had this 2 times). another they came to my house and made a commercial for my dads business and we hung out afterwards. another was that me and my friend drove to california just to meet rhett and link (in my dream we were older than we r now) and we found them while walkin down the street and hung out w/ em for like a week and we were awesome friends after that. yes im weird ive has multiple dreams bout em cuz itd be totally amazing to meet them.

haha. thats great. those are my day dreams(meeting them, them creating a commercial for my ma's buisness, etc.) thanx for sharing!

  Oh man, I've had so many dreams like this.... most of them consist of me meeting them, freaking out, and totally embarrassing myself. But, there is one that's less embarrassing, so I'll tell that one.

 I was walking around on top of a huge castle, and I turned around a corner, and Rhett was there holding a basket full of Easter eggs, and then Link climbed up the side of the wall. I was about to ask them to sign my shirt, when I noticed that my shirt was covered in red ink. Then I just sort of... transported, to a drive in movie theater. There was a chair at the very back, so I sat down. Then this random person behind me kept putting his feet on my shoulder, so I pushed him out of his seat, and he fell in a really deep hole. Then Rhett and Link parked next to me. Rhett was in the driver' s seat, but there was no steering wheel, and Link was in a baby carseat in the passengers side.

Thread necromancy, but I've actually had three to date. It's so weird. The first one I actually dreamed that I was Link, and Rhett and I were running away from something. Probably a sea monster, but I'm having trouble remembering.


The next one was that the town I live in was getting bombed, so I went to stay at my aunt and uncle's house. But instead of it being my aunt and uncle, Rhett and Link were my uncles. While I was there, my house got bombed and my cat died, and I was sitting in the front yard crying and Rhett said "What's wrong?" and I said "My cat died" and he was kinda like "Oh" and went back inside, not caring at all. Link was on the phone virtually the entire time, and his phone was purple for some reason.


The most recent was like... three days ago. I dreamed that just Rhett and I were going camping for some reason, and we didn't bring a tent, only blankets. Rhett wanted to go really far up the mountain, but I wanted to sit at the bottom so he left and I wrapped up in the blanket and tried to go to sleep, but there were a load of snakes where I was trying to sleep so Rhett and I ran away and I woke up with a scratched hip. The really weird thing about this dream is, I woke up at 4:30 am and realised in real life that my phone was about to die and I needed the alarm to get up for school the next morning, so I got up and found the charger and when I got back from finding it the phone was dead. So if I hadn't woken up, I would probably have been late for school. So I guess Rhett helped me save face >.>

I don't even know how many dreams I've had about them but most of them it seems like I was just watching them and I never really talked with them and I honestly don't know why, I think I just couldn't believe it.  I can't even remember any of them really but one of them I remember them making a GMM in a castle from Legend of Zelda and the weird thing is I've never played Legend of Zelda!  But I think one of them said so, anyways they were making it and they looked at me during filming and started whispering something I couldn't here and I woke up.


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