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In most of my dreams I have some control over my surroundings and situation but I'm not aware I'm dreaming. For example recently I dreamed I was Robert Downey Jr. as Sherlock Holmes , and these two French guys were beating me up. I then in my dream consciously changed the outcome of the fight.
I was wondering if anyone else has done this, and if so what is it called?

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Sherlock Holmes is a detective and when you go about interpreting dreams being like a detective is the best way to do it. Getting beat up in a dream is about how there is a tendency in our culture for people to beat each other up with negativity, fault-finding, back-biting and stuff to really try to bring people down. The good thing about what you can do is to see it happening and find a way to change the outcome to make it positive. Since you can do this in a dream means you can probably do it in real life too. The key is to notice in your real life where are people trying to beat you up and then stay out of the conflict and go for a better outcome. Give it a try. See what happens. 


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