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ok dream in 3......2.....1.....

I was at the store with my mom and they were selling superhero and sidekick t-shirts and action figures I bought the t-shirt with Rhett on the front and link on the back and an action figure of each of them. I ended up taping each action figure to the respective side of the shirt to make it awesomer. I was then going to  a park to meet Rhett and link.  There was his orchestra there and while we were waiting this old lady was teaching me how to play the violin. Then she had to move because a car was coming. She got in her car and left with all her stuff. Then I went to go look for Rhett and link. I was walking through the park and I saw them and I started running. I didn't realize it but my Superhero action figure fell off my shirt. I stopped for a second and my old preschool teacher was there telling me to wash the dirt off my feet before going onto the concrete. She also noticed that my Superhero action figure was gone. I panicked and went back to look for it.  I never got to meet Rhett and link because i was woken up.

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lol thats sad
i have met them approximately 4-5 times in my dreams. though it is hard for me to meet them. you know, life sucks sometimes, but you just gotta pick yourself up and keep movin forward!

merrin blackie (leprisharpe) said:
lol thats sad


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