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At 7:59am on January 20, 2021, Quinn Kitchen said…

hi its 2021 and i love your content good luck i duno 

At 6:10pm on August 9, 2020, Connie said…

We are the same on alot of things, hate the olives, tomatoes and not keen on seafood whatsoever.  Keep it up guys!! love binging you

At 10:06am on May 8, 2020, Mythical_Beans23 said…

yo link u da best

At 10:23pm on March 7, 2019, Benjamin S. Montes said…

Love Link in Season 1!

Oh and I love Link in Season 2 as well!

Almost forgot, I love Link in Season 3!

Oh and links new look with the new studio in Season 4!

Also, Link is awesome in Season 5!

Also, have you seen how cool he is in Season 6!

Also, dude Link is just like me in Season 7!

Also, I love the last episode of Season 8, because of Link!

Also, love the new hair in Season 9!

Also, Link is really funny in Season 10!

Also, love how entertaining he is in Season 11!

Also, Link is cool in Season 12!

Also, Link is amazing in all Episodes of 13!

Also, Link is so cool in Season 14!

Also, I love Links reactions so far in Season 15!

............Did I miss anything............

At 9:51pm on June 1, 2018, Alyssa B (Uni-Pooka-Griff Bird) said…

I just want to say, Thank you.  (Happy Birthday) but thank you.  I have watched you guys since I was in 3rd Grade and you have brightened my day every day for the past few years.  I love your videos and they are honestly the best thing that has ever happened to YouTube.   You have helped me through some tough times with your humorous antics that keep me laughing for an hour straight!  Thank you for being you and embracing, (and helping us embrace our/) your mythical beastliness.  Thank you for GMM and on.  With love, Alyssa the (Mythical Beast) Uni-Pooka-Griff-Bird.

At 12:55am on May 26, 2018, Linds said…

I’ve loved GMM since I was 8. Your my favourite of between you and Rhett. GMM has comforted me through everything!!!!!


At 2:07am on May 25, 2018, papi beans xoxo said…

love me papi

At 7:19pm on April 13, 2018, Alyssa B (Uni-Pooka-Griff Bird) said…

What happened to the ChiaSquatch?

At 6:29am on February 15, 2018, Kimberley (orge) gave Link a gift
Hi Link! I love everything you do. Keep going like I know you Will :)
At 6:57pm on January 29, 2018, Burhan said…

I'm a real big fan of you guys. I'm lovin' the new GMM. Keep up the great work!

At 6:38pm on January 6, 2018, KattaLemur said…

Hi, I just recently started watching your videos. Love you guys <3 Thx

At 6:42pm on December 5, 2017, Yesenia Martinez said…

Thanks for your exsistance 

At 8:01am on December 1, 2017, Kimberly (pandog) said…
Hey Link love you guys keep up the good work
At 8:13pm on November 7, 2017, Ava B said…

Hi link.

At 10:20am on October 14, 2017, Charlotte Rice said…

Hey Link! My book of Mythicality is coming today :)

At 3:42pm on September 5, 2017, Revvie said…
Is this actually Link's page?
At 9:32pm on September 1, 2017, Earl said…
Just joined. BSEE. AAS in Radio Television Broadcasting. Former GE employee and FBI Agent. Current Private Investigator. Amateur actor, improviser, and entertainer. I have a lot of respect for what you guys have built. Only been a fan for about a year but very impressed. You guys are inspiring.
At 6:02pm on August 30, 2017, Chloe Murphy said…

How often do you come on here Link?

At 10:57am on August 18, 2017, Molly said…
Big fan
At 6:54pm on July 02, 2017, Sasha Maria gave Link a gift

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