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who I am today, and some events of my past to make me that way

now then, for you people that don't know me, I'm am just a random 13 year old who has some more maturity than most 14 year olds these days, I'm quite eccentric (have you seen me in real life lately?), or as I prefer to put it, crazy. I'm a connosuer of many things, this website being one of the major ones at the moment, I am skilled at drawing things, but i cannot do very good humanoids, and i play with knex (a building toy), I have many accounts on the internet (the main mass having the username "rymndgeekguy" search the username up on google, I have done many things). I have a large repotoir of music at my disposal, so if you ever are bored of listening to what you usually listen to (music wise) then come ask me for something. I'm a recent addition to the kommunity, and haven't done any blogging, (you're reading my first blog on her right now) I am probably gonna be on kommchat when you are reading this, you can say hello to me there.
as you may have no doubt guessed by now, I am a nerd, or a geek, depends on how you look at it, but unlike many geeks/nerds, I've had a girlfriend (now I'm getting into dangerous territory, this is a pretty screwed up story, it's also sent me down into tears at the meer thought of it, I've gotten it down to a little ache now, so i can type this up) this girlfriend is actually rather normal, bullied about as much as I am, having a hard time coping, I just said hi to her in a friendly way and she latched on, looking for an emotional anchor, I was rather surprised to find that her wits matched her beauty, she was as smart as they come, if not a little loopy, she told me many things, taught them to me in fact, I was amazed at how smart she was, we were friends at first, for a long time in fact, we grew closer as friends for quite a while, THEN there came something new in her, she started telling me things that were a little more off every day. what could i blame her? she proved some of those things, to my utter disbelief, after that...well, something catastrophic happened, exactly what I am sworn to secrecy, but it started this huge adventure between me and my girlfriend (I cannot mention anything of this adventure, I've been sworn to secrecy about it) we grew to love each other, and it stayed that way for a long time, until her parents decided to move (her parents moving isn't exactly the truth, but what else can i give you that won't get me into some deep underground cell for the rest of my life?), she moved away, we kept in contact, but our love faded over time, or at least to her it did, she officially ended it when she "killed" herself, found out later that she didn't actually kill herself, but it left me completely heart broken for quite a while, after i found out about her deceit, my anger built up behind that dam that i built just for that kind of anger, and here I am today, a little crazy and completely fine, except the anger of course, but that i can hold in check

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Comment by Raymond (Guardian Master) on November 29, 2010 at 2:10am
thanks april, it means a lot to me
Comment by April Garland (Confusadactyl) on November 26, 2010 at 11:55pm
-huggles- Just because I think you need them.

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