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Hello, all.

I know that with the Mythical Society, many of you are now part of that community.  However, are there going to be any more Kommunity building on this page for those who aren't financially able to be a part of the Society?

We've already lost Mail Day; I'd hate to lose the great people here at the Kommunity page as well.

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Comment by Shannon Maddox, aka "Auntie" on November 29, 2019 at 2:24pm

Thanks, Sen.

I don't have a problem with the business side of Mythical.  They deserve to be paid well and pay their employees well.  I'm a responsible adult with bills to pay, so I get that.  However, you hit the nail on the head about the fracture in the Mythical Beasts because of the way the Society had been touted.  We all used to be equal.  Now we've been divided into the haves and have nots.  Even the Mythical Society is a caste system.  Most first degree members don't receive many of the perks of the society, plus, they don't have any input.  I don't mind some of the exclusivity, but to take things that all the Mythical Bests participated in (like mail day) and move it to a Society-only feature makes me very sad.  Plus, anything I might send to them will most likely not be, since it won't be something shared with all the Mythical beasts.

All of this may not necessarily be Rhett and Link's fault.  It may be that their marketing department doesn't have a clue who the real hardcore Beasts are.  We're not necessarily in the Mythical Society and we don't buy every piece of merchandise that hits the website (again, that whole responsible adult thing), but we do watch, like, comment, and enjoy GMM and GMMore and share with others in hopes that they too will enjoy.  Plus, as long as the content is good, we'll be here for the duration.  Maybe I'm simple, but that should count for something.

Comment by Sen Ware on November 29, 2019 at 6:17am

I'm going to take a chance and speak plainly with you. Hello, I'm Sen, and I am no one here at this community. I'm not new but I never could contribute much because the past, rather large chunk of life has been, to say the least, hard, leaving me in a less than productive state. I've been watching GMM/More a long time and was pretty happy to find some local boys who were fun to hang with and sort of, cheer them on. My financial situation is currently the kind of poor people don't want to talk about, so I won't. Like many, I found Rhett and Link at a pretty terrible time in life and was happy I found them. Regardless of Rhett's lectures about how they aren't what or who people think they are, and they are a business, I chose to think of them as friends I can't really speak with, but I liked all the same.I didn't use AdBlock on them, voted for them, fought for them in ways, shared and clicked that like button. None of it probably made them rich, but it was the best I could do and was from the heart. I couldn't get Buddy System, a black and orange mug, a cool black hoodie, etc, but that was on me. I didn't have the money, but at least it was offered to us all, equally. When they advertised the MS, I was excited, until I saw it was a pay for it situation. What a gut punch. I know other channels do it, but given the friendships and sense of belonging cultivated by their work, I honestly never saw it coming. They're multimillionaires and Mythical is wealthy, why would anyone think they were anything else but successful, and happy for their success? Having a patreon account would be fine as anyone could add to it whenever they had a little to offer or felt the desire to, but this was stratification in a happy community, and it felt very wrong.The stratification of my country allows people to try and define me as "poor white trash", but I got to be Mythical Beast Sen anywhere they were, and know I was equal in the community, or kommunity. Others might do more, or have a title, but I wasn't poor there, here, anywhere,  I was at the very least just one of the pack.I didn't see many complaints, which I honestly thought of as weird. Then, I would see someone mention on another video something like, this guy reminds me of Link, or this guy sounds like Rhett, and people would respond, and often the conversation would turn to how they hated the society. Some were like me, not just poor, but felt like, yes, they openly call us clicks, but this actually feels bad. Plus the society sometimes gets to decide what the rest of us see by choosing content, get their own day in the summer and offers we will never see. Again, something that might not matter on other channels because they were never so friendly in the beginning anyway. The only thing I ever said at GMM was sorry I can't afford to join in. I sort of figured the way R&L, as their new logo calls them, are sort of easy to offend these days, maybe people were afraid to say much for fear they would offer less and less, or even just quit and chance only live events, being on real tv only and making only paid content. Rhett is even very blunt about how content doesn't matter just get those clicks, which might be why season 15 felt a lot like it was written by a distracted, menopausal, angry woman on a diet who can't stop talking about food. I feel like it was a very bold and obvious pulling away from those of us who just plain like/love them, and going full business with the oddly shallow and showbusinessy content that, for reasons I dont understand, people seem to like these days.There were a few guests anyone would enjoy seeing, a few games thank goodness, and even a time or two they seemed to actually like being there and laughed with real laughter.But, if you've read this far, thank you, but, do you ever get the feeling they just don't really like the "regular", old school beasts anymore anyway. Like friends, they can't give time to because they are cultivating these other relationships that mean more to them right now? I'll always be happy for their success and wish them more of it, they earned it. But without us, would they still be like any other struggling YouTuber. However, part of me feels bad for them because sometimes I think regular entertainers use their pull and millions of subscribers to their own ends but could care less about our boys. Sure, showbiz doesn't seem like a friendly field anyway. And part of me thinks, it doesn't matter if all they really want are clicks and revenue anyway. Some could argue they genuinely appreciate us, and a couple of years ago I would have been one of those people. But the MS has done what stratification always does to a community, and people have admitted these kinds of forums are dying out anyway. Anyway, even if I were financially able, I'd never join MS simply because I've been part of GMM/More far too long to feel good about taking away from or diminishing the experience of any of my fellow pack members regardless of what the content creators have in mind. I'll wish them success, check-in now and then and see if the show that day is for everyone, watch if it is, leave if it isn't and that I guess, will be that. 


I don't think there will be much building on anything if the building is for us, or meant as a  creative ex[pression from us unless its about birthday things.

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