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The Red Firefly and the Pink Star - A Children’s Story

The Red Firefly and the Pink Star

A Children’s Story

By: Yidhna Yue Xing Wang


In the sky, among billions and billions of stars, there was a little firefly, a little red firefly, looking for a friend.


She searched through the land of the green fireflies,  and yellow fireflies, but no liked her.


“Why?” The little red firefly asked.


Both the green fireflies and the yellow ones replied:

Because you are different, you are not like us, you are red!


So, the little red firefly cried, and ran away, all the way to the faraway land of the stars.


As she flew, the little red firefly notices a distant glowing pink hue.


"Maybe it’s another firefly, a red one, just like me!" Thought the little red firefly in excitement.


So, she went closer.


"Oh, it is a pink star! I have seen many stars before: yellow ones, white ones, red ones and even blue ones too, but I have never seen a pink one before!" Exclaimed the little red firefly.


The pink star was timid and shy, but she looked friendly, and elegant, like a princess.


The little red firefly took an instant liking to the pink star,


She thought,


"She must feel just like me sometimes, being the special one among the night."


They didn’t speak to one another but went along together into the night.


The little red firefly thought it would last forever-this new strange friendship of theirs-but they were sadly, separated by the cruel daylight.


When night fell again the next evening, the little red firefly could no longer find the pink star.


She asked stars among stars, but no one had seen her; no one had ever seen the pink star.


The yellow stars said, “I have never seen such a star, but you could ask the white stars, they might know.”


Unfortunately, the white stars didn’t know. So, the little red firefly went to the red stars and blues ones, but they haven’t seen any pink star either.


The little red firefly then flew all the way to the edge of the sky, just so she could find her kind pink friend.


Nights after nights, she saw no signs of her, but only her own fading light.


So, in the darkness, she cried and cried until she saw an approaching light of a pink hue.


The hue lit and shined away her solitude and asked:


"My little friend, my little red firefly, why are you sad, why do you cry?"


The little red firefly wiped away all her tears, turned around, and gave the pink star a great big hug, and said:


"I am not crying, I am not sad; I have found myself the best thing I could ever have; I found my best friend in the entire sky!"

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