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Many people I meet will associate this with coulrophobia - the fear of clowns, however, my fear of clowns is not brought on by clowns, but by the face paint. The fear seems irrational, but I have a fear of face paint and anyone wearing it in any form, however, I'm fine with masks and make-up.

I have searched through the internet and found only one other person who experiences the fear, and I had attempted to get the fear "cured" for lack of a better word.

My family suggested exposure therapy, which in the end just made the fear manifest itself more, I am now unable to go to fete's, my younger siblings birthday parties, etc. due to the fact that there may be a face painting stall and people with their faces painted there. Halloween is a horrible time for me due to all the face paint used and the costumed children knocking at the door.

Some of them have face paint which causes my fear to manifest itself again, and I end up hiding upstairs. I know it's an irrational fear, but I just wanted the general fear of face-paint (and not just clowns) to be a bit more known.

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Comment by evan jones on June 3, 2020 at 9:14am

i have the same, its annoying. i hate cadbury world because i saw someone with it on there once

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