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Add some photos, website links, a bit of video or whatever that indicates what the various crew members did before joining the staff at Mythical Entertainment

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I'll start it off with this one: 

Lizzie Bassett was a writer and on-camera host for YouTube Nation

Watch at the 2:20 mark for a bit of Nostradmus-type prophecy as viewer Victoria Pontius asks questions that included a couple of GMM / mythical beast references.

She also, admittedly, had a YouTube crush on Rhett and Link back in the day . . .

and may have at one time performed as a dancing banana.


p.s. - - this might or might not really be a "before" issue, I really have no idea how long she has participated in this endeavour, but Lizzie also sometimes sings back-up (or even lead) in a band - - The Tens

LIZZIE UPDATE - - first new video posted by The Tens in a while. Looking and sounding good!


Moving this entry over from the original posting at the general "THE MYTHICAL CREW" group discussion posted on May 11, 2016 as this thread is a more appropriate home.

Stephanie "Stevie" Wynne Levine's only non-Rhett&Link related producer credit as listed on IMDB is this zombie thriller from 2007.  Here's Stevie's profile for credits . . .

  • When teenage boys stumble upon a nearby cheerleading camp, they think their wildest dreams have come true. What could be better than a group of beautiful girls who are bored, stuck in the woods, and ready to party? But something mysterious is changing the cheerleaders, one by one.

ZCC - - munching on squirrels and human innards . . . maybe that's where she came up with all the gross food challenges and WILL IT ideas?

Here she is representing MondoMedia at VidCon 2012

Stevie's profile on LinkedIn also states that she previously worked at https://mondomedia.com/ , the Los Angeles-based animation studio, as a production manager. You can still find her name in the credits on a few of their YouTube offerings . . .

She also did a bit of modeling . . .

ONLINE PORTFOLIO:  https://steviewlevine.carbonmade.com/projects/2534791

I noticed that the music in the Steve Jobs animation is by Markaholic, the guy who's been making Rhett & Link's music for many of the recent main channel music videos.

JORDAN MORRIS - - a.k.a. Cotton Candy Randy  /  Grumpy Cheese Puff Beard Santa

He's still not listed on the MYTHICAL.CO ~ About the Mythical Crew page so we don't really know what his job/duties/responsibilities are beyond random pop-up appearances in GMM episodes, but here he is performing stand-up and talking about comedy writing.

He also was co-host of the show Jordan, Jesse Go! show on the MAXIMUM FUN channel



now the Co-Social Media Manager (along with Jen Matichuk) at Mythical.co

She's a cancer survivor, poet and used to "make a living" doing stand-up.

and just as fast as they arrive . . . they are gone!


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