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Just say what you would do.

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I would fly all the way there, be on GMM for a week and hang out and do a live screening event! (and bring my BFF) I play electric guitar, so I would show them some of my songs and teach Rhett how to play more! I would stay at Link's house and I would bring my computer, iPad,iPod,iPhone,guitar,stuff like tooth brushes and pillows etc, Headphones and my recorder. I would teach Link some songs on recorder and show him how to decorate recorders to be MYTHICAL! And I would do a will it Pancake (Ancake?) episode and a Rhett and Link learn music episode!

well I literally think he is so i would freak out and like jump off a plane or something.

lol totally.

 I would freak out and go visit him. Bonus because I would get to meet Rhett!

I would faint and make it my mission to meet him and Rhett and I would go without rest until I do so. All I've ever wanted to do is to meet one (but preferably both) of them; that's my dream

I wouldn't be able to stop laughing. I have this weird habit whenever I get anywhere near someone I really like, I get extremely giggly and giddy. I wouldn't be able to talk to him or Rhett. I'd just sit there staring at them. I'd be that weird cousin. 

Hopefully not first cousins, that would be weird. But yeah I would visit him. It would be really awkward because I'm a huge fan, and I would try to hide it. But yes I would definitely explode.

I would first pack every mythical item I own, fly right out to LA, and slap myself once I get there to make sure I'm not dreaming.I would then stay with them for 3 weeks, then leaving after annoying the Neals with my constant listening of One Direction. While I was there, I would go on GMM every day and we could all throw down with Link on the Recorder, Rhett on the Guitar, and me with my Violin. I would then come back 3 months later for another visit.


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